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Out of the woods is a travel page dedicated to sharing captivating photos, helpful blogs and photography services for brands and more. 


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You can't always have a good day

But you can always face a bad day with a good attitude.

Change the way you think 

and you'll change the way you live

Hi! I'm Josh, an adventure photographer based in the beautiful state of Washington. I grew up adventuring around California where I hiked with my dad and explored off-road trails with my grandpa in his Montero. During my adolescent years I focused most of my time on sports, but after graduating I quickly found my love for the outdoors again and have been loving it ever since. 

I now enjoy hiking, backpacking, off-roading and traveling around the world with friends and my family (my wife and two young kids).

I'm often asked "shouldn't your handle be IN to the woods?", and although at the surface that would make since it actually misses the heart of my true passion for why I do what I do. I chose the name Out of the woods early on for one big reason; I love to explore, but even greater than that I love to share my experiences and the beauty I see with others with the ultimate goal to encourage and inspire others to get out of their comfort zones and explore this amazing world we live in!


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